So how’s training going?

Just wanted to check in and let y’all know that competition season is fast approaching. Lately, I have been adding more functional training to the circuit and I think we will all see some nice results when I hit the stage next month. My weight lifting routine will transition into more pushes and pulls as I isolate certain areas before I shred. I have also incorporated Buti Yoga: which combines Kundalini, Vanyasana, and plyometrics to build up cardio and strength. These methods along with chiropractic adjustments, massage/trigger points, and stretching has helped with my toning and recovery so far. My diet will be cycling carbs, intermittent fasting, alkaline balance, and protein specific. Please advise that I have adapted and kept track of what my body responds to.  Disclaimer: I will have an entirely different post for those who are interested in how to eat when training.

So ICYMI: Fly haircut, strong core, good food, and tight butt, LOL!

Join us this Saturday at Georgia Dance Conservatory for  BUTI Glow + Flow: Body Paint, Blacklights, and Buti Yoga. It’s an incredible vibe for a great workout without judgement!

Details here:




~ by drmelodie on March 13, 2017.

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