Propaganda: The Shiftless Black Man



lacking in resourcefulness; inefficient; lazy.

lacking in incentive, ambition, or aspiration.
Here is motivation for starters: President Barack Obama first black male president in US history. The memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King will be opened and dedicated in Washington, D.C. We have young, savvy entrepreneurs in various industries that span beyond entertainment and sports.
So why are our men still under attack?
Why are they such a target?
For every accomplishment they achieve media outlets seemingly make a conscious effort to undermine them.
A concerted effort is made to focus strictly on the worst news, statistics, and attention possible.
Is it possible to have an institutionalized mindset without ever stepping foot inside of a jail or a prison?
Can a whole generation become desensitized and misogynistic?
Can growth be stunted by systematic methods to devalue proper food, healthy exercise, and substantial education?
History has proven how resourceful a black man can be with every odd stacked against him.
He’s not a nigger. He’s not a baffoon. He’s not an idiot.
Give him the empowerment and encouragement that he deserves!!

~ by drmelodie on August 24, 2011.

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