Dedicated to the Littlest Angels

Balloons In Heaven

When I was a little girl, balloons were the best things.

Because you would get them at parties for the joy they bring.

Sometimes I’d get them in the store for no reason.

Mom or Dad may have felt special like giving season.

But sometimes I’d let them go by accident.

I would get so sad not knowing where they went.

The balloons would float so far in the sky, I couldn’t see.

So light and full of color and whisked away from me.

On that journey what altitude do they reach?

Do they get caught in planes making the engines screech?

What about the helicopters, do they get chopped in the blades?

Do balloons hide around skyscrapers dippin’ in their shades?

Or do they make it high enough for the angels to catch?

Like a thank you gift for watching me while I slept.

Passed on to the babies and children who went on before me.

So the parents left behind could know what they’re enjoying.

I hope that they make it to that place up high,

To that perfect home beyond the reaches of my eye.

To those little darlings who laugh and sing,

Because balloons are the best for the joy they bring.


~ by drmelodie on July 5, 2011.

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