Status Quo or Law of Attraction?

Understanding status quo is keeping up a certain standard without any kind of change. This usually is more in line with money, class, and lifestyle. But could this be possible with a mindset and attitude?

Through the Law of  Attraction, they say we attract who we really are. If we are genuine and positive, then those are the people we’ll have in our lives. However, if we find ourselves desperate or negative, we encounter more of that in return.

Is it worth staying in your comfort zone if it is holding you back from becoming your very best? Break free of the box that you’re in and attract more for yourself. If the people around don’t want grow with you, then its time to let them go. 

Our needs change with each age and stage of life. Even though change is scary, it must be embraced. It’s better to attract a healthy growth than to be stunted. You’ll then be able to help others enhance their status!


~ by drmelodie on May 12, 2011.

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