Endangered Species: The Intelligent Black Man Part II

The Fab Five documentary featured on ESPN should have reminded us of a great period in college basketball history. It should have introduced a new generation of fans to 5 prestigious men who went on to NBA stardom and professional success afterwards. Instead, the documentary was marred by the disparaging comments of Jalen Rose. He referred to Black recruits and players for Duke University as “Uncle Tom’s” specifically, Grant Hill. His context was because Grant came from middle-class, two parent family, and not from the hood with a single mother like him. Therefore Jalen felt as if they were of a different caliber. Jalen has since tried to explain and apologize for his comments even to Grant Hill himself.
I really appreciate Grant’s in-depth response to all aspects of the situation. He displayed composure and class in his articulation.

I hope more people realize that ignorance (whether in thought or action) should never be the standard.



~ by drmelodie on March 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Endangered Species: The Intelligent Black Man Part II”

  1. I live in the Detroit area, and this is everywhere. Michigan fans (I’m a Spartan) are defending Jalen and attacking Hill for wanting off of the Pistons all those years ago. (Ignoring the fact that the Hill for Ben Wallace trade was great for us)

    But the Fab 5 were always pompous and arrogant, and Jimmy King came out on Twitter and talked shit about Hill after the response. This all stems back though to ESPN letting Rose produce one of the most incredibly biased shows ever anyway.

    This was a puff piece gone wrong and HIll is completely right.

    • The whole point was missed and got lost due to this arrogance. I think there could have been so much potential just to show Black college athletes in a positive light for a change. Even though it was for fluff, this made it go totally wrong!

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