Endangered Species: The Intelligent Black Man

Romeo Miller just recently became the youngest CEO of a multi-million dollar company. He is 21 years old and will be graduating from USC next year. When he left the music and entertainment industry to pursue his education, everyone thought he was foolish. He had movie deals, a hit television show on Nickelodeon, and a successful rap career as Lil’ Romeo. However, his father Percy “Master P” Miller encouraged him to go to college and above all else attain an education.

Romeo can continue to enjoy the affluent lifestyle without the pitfalls of poor management and immaturity. He can learn from the mistakes of his father the importance of sound business investments. He now has to responsibility of relaunching No Limit Records into No Limit Forever, incorporating digital music sales, video games, merchandising, and other ventures.

In their recent appearence on The Mo’Nique show Romeo, “Master P” Percy Miller, and sister Cymphonique exhibited a family with humility and great foundation in spite of their millions in the bank. Percy Miller instilled education and a strong work ethic in his children. I look forward to seeing their success and positive influence grow!


~ by drmelodie on March 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Endangered Species: The Intelligent Black Man”

  1. Mel…
    Thanks for posting this. I forgot about Young Mr. Miller, but it is REALLY good to see that his dad encouraged him to get an education. Romeo can now be a TRUE young man to look up to, especially by these young wannabe producers and hitmakers that think that can rest on those laurels alone. I wish him the best in success.


  2. Hopefully this becomes the “new” trend because a college education is priceless! Good Post!

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