The Death of Marriage: Reality Show Curse

 Eric and Jennifer Williams are said to be the latest casualities of reality show fame. The tumultous end of their union came as Basketball Wives took off in ratings and popularity. I watched both seasons and the reunion show. I really do feel like Eric still loves Jennifer and she still loves him. The problem is now pride is in the way because there is no way he will be disrespected and she doesn’t want to make a fool out herself. Who knows what Jennifer had to endure behind closed doors with his cheating. Once Eric realized his mistakes and tried to backpeddle to her, the influence of her friends and media got hold to Jennifer. They both seem hesitant to sign those divorce papers and I really hope they can make their marriage and relationship work. They should do it for them and nobody else!

I truly loved Bobby and Whitney together. I remember when they got married and people were so shocked because they were seemingly so opposite of each other. We have to realize the the business and imagery that was invested into their careers at that time was generating millions. We all wanted to know what are they really like? Then we were blessed with “Being Bobby Brown”! We saw proof that Whitney was just as hood as she wanted to be and loved her family. Unfortunately, the life of excess, alleged domestic disputes, and substance abuse was too much for their union to bear. Bobby has moved on with a wife and young child and Whitney is doing her thing. I still kinda miss them…

 I don’t even know where to begin with Hulk Hogan and Linda. They were all good on a united front with “Hogan Knows Best” like a modern day spin on Father Knows Best from the 60’s. Then everything went haywire, Linda dating her daughter Brooke’s 19-yr-old friend and then the Hulk getting engaged to a girl who looks just like his daughter Brooke! Of course I was a fan of his when he wrestled back in the day and was sorry to see his family go down like this…

Nick and Jessica were one of the couples who started it all by letting the cameras into their home with their  “Newlyweds” show. Being from Texas as well, I followed Jessica Simpson’s rise and the morals she kept as she saved her virginity until her marriage to Nick Lachey. Then the fame and spotlight really took a toll on their relationship. I personally think Nick may have gotten a little jealous of her status rising and his falling around the second season of their show. Regardless, if it was true that she chose her career over her marriage and starting a family with her husband at the time, we all see that Jessica clearly made the wrong choice.

Sometimes the fame just ain’t worth it…


~ by drmelodie on March 18, 2011.

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