We Can’t Be Friends: U F’d My Man!

   I couldn’t help but to watch the cattiness go down on the Basketball Wives Season 2 Reunion show last night. Evelyn went down as worse than a jumpoff as both Tami and Royce went in on her. I bet if a chick was soaking up her dear friends Jennifer or Shaunie, Evelyn would be the first in line to beat their a$$! It was funny to see her fall from her own pedestal for salacious activity.

But I couldn’t help but to wonder, how many more “Evelyn’s” are out there? Is there a new breed of women out there who really don’t give a damn if your man is married, engaged, dating, etc? There are plenty of men who don’t mind being the side-piece either. It’s a matter of convenience as long as there is an “understanding” between all parties involved.

Is it too honest to say from the jump: “Hey, I only want a casual, sexual relationship and I don’t care about your spouse.”?

Both men and women are trying to do all they can to take advantage of these situations, but what about the collateral damage?

Cheatin’ and creepin’ ain’t new but it sure does seem to be more blatant…


~ by drmelodie on March 14, 2011.

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