Propaganda: The Angry Black Woman

 prop·a·gan·da–noun  1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

For the past couple of weeks, I sat back and watched a quite a few media stories pop up all with the same theme:
Black Women Fighting.
1) There was Ciara and Rihanna’s #TwitterBeef if there is such a thing. I am a fan of both singers knowing their backgrounds, similar stylists, and same producer/songwriters over the course of their work. It was a laughable publicity stunt that pretty much worked hook, line, and sinker! Misconstrue a comment on E!”s Fashion Police via Joan River’s instigation and air it out on the Internet through Twitter. Ladies, stick to what you do well and look pretty and sell records. The labels will STILL only give you a small percentage…
2) Nene Leakes vs Star Jones: Celebrity Apprentice. I truly see how Donald Trump keeps his pockets fat, because we all tuned in to see if their catfight would pop off on last night’s premeire episode. I don’t think Trump had to even air any promo commercials after Nene’s jab at Star on the Wendy Williams Show. Star Jones tried to take the high road for as long as she could and fired back via radio and Twitter. I’m sure “The Donald” appreciates your efforts to boost ratings for his show. Good thing this is all for charity… O_O
3) Tami vs Evelyn: VH1’s The Basketball Wives. Not only did Evelyn pick the worst possible time to tell Tami that she slept with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson, but she has now been reduced to the very type of groupie women she despises. Shaunie O’Neal is a true “business woman” to let these women air out their dirty laundry to boost ratings for her show. She must’ve taken a page out of Donald Trump’s book because she hardly has to do any promotion for next week’s Reunion show or a possible season 3. Keep up the good work for VH1’s fat production check!  Tami and Evelyn, y’all were just collateral damage. Work hard to revamp your image…good luck.
It would appear as if no one can do as much damage as we do to ourselves, even if it is for the sake of “entertainment”.
What could this possibly accomplish for the prospect of how our daughters carry themselves in school all the way to the influence of FLOTUS Michelle Obama?

~ by drmelodie on March 7, 2011.

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